“I recently started attending a support group for Domestic Violence, where I met Lena, and learned she would be overseeing our group. She instantly put me at ease, and though I was a newcomer, made me feel a part, which was important to me. Lena was instrumental in encouraging us to share our stories, and at the same time, welcoming our involvement as we felt comfortable to share. Having gone through domestic violence herself, she is empathetic and offers good, sound advice, showing a concern for everyone’s safety. The topics of discussion each session were informative and helpful to each of us in our own special circumstances. She has the ‘human factor’ which, sadly, is often missing in many organizations. I am happy to have met her, both as a friend and advocate against the sad details entangling this season of my life. Though all of the participants’ circumstances are different, she is an inspiration to us all, knowing she came through it, and so can we. It is reassuring to know her kindness and advice is only a text or phone call away!”

~~ Domestic Violence Survivor

“I would highly recommend Lena Shook’s workshop on Domestic Violence. It is very thought-provoking and informative. The participant walks away with a better understanding of an issue that affects many families of all walks of life every day and the more we know, the better we, as a community, can help and be proactive. Lena’s own story also makes this workshop real and personal. This workshop is definitely worth attending for professionals and community members.”

~~ Bob Scofield, Ed. D., Cardinal Innovations Healthcare